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During the rapid growth period that RealTime was experiencing, they realized that they needed help from experts. In their efforts to maximize their efficiency, RealTime turned to PRemployer for support.



The Southeastern Alabama Community Action Partnership (SEACAP), An organization dedicated to helping families out of poverty since 1984, ran into problems as its staff and services grew.

Summerford Case Study Cover photo
Summerford Companies

"We got the fixed we needed, but the advantage of gaining a team as well. Also, the insurance and work comp saving. "

Sumlar Therapy

"The Most Cost Effective Way to Add HR Department, Benefits Department, and a Risk Management Team To Our Small Business"

Restaurant Group

"Outsourcing Our Entire HR Department with PRemployer has Streamlined our Entire Business!"

Calvary Baptist Church
Calvary Baptist Church

How Calvary Baptist Church Became Focused, Efficient, and Confident Because of their Partnership with PRemployer

Aventa Specialized Women's Care

Serving Patients Better While Cutting Costs and Saving Time with PRemployer

Herring Pools

No longer having to worry about knowing every single business law and all the things related to staying within those laws was a great relief. PRemployer took care of ALL of Herring Pools’ employee-related administrative needs. This freed up time to focus on more productive and rewarding tasks that added value to the company.

Family Eye and Laser
Family Eye and Laser

PRemployer to help the firm move from an antiquated paper check payroll system into the more modern world by installing an electronic, direct deposit payment system. The Eye Center also hired PRemployer to update its employee handbook and provided the professional staff with assistance that allowed Family Eye and Laser to focus on patient care and growing the business. 

Tristate Graphics Case Study
Tristate Graphics

“PRemployer has helped us to be the employer we envisioned ourselves to be. They helped us to save both time and money. They make sure we are compliant in aspects of employment law and that we have the most up-to-date employment-related technologies. They have solutions for employment-related issues and are fast to consult our needs and issues. It’s a great partnership!”

Need Help?

Need Help?