PRemployer exudes a corporate culture of dependability and trust. Founded on the vision About Us of becoming the leading human resources supplier by providing expert advice, screened and qualified candidates, and unprecedented service, we are determined to be the benchmark administrative services provider in the Southeast.

Collectively, PRemployer has adopted, from the very start, five corporate values that together encapsulate the essence of our actions: Integrity, Expertise, Dedication, Assertiveness, and above all, Honesty. These core values all come together to lay the groundwork for a company that strives to provide clients with the utmost in customer service and satisfaction.

“The business model of today, and in the future, involves business owners focusing their time and energy on the ‘business of the business,’ while outsourcing other non-core, yet critical administrative processes. PRemployer allows a company to leverage our experience in human resources, risk management, and payroll technologies in order to acquire expertise on all fronts. We have a passion to position our clients for success.”
–Ben Harrison, President of the PR companies