Who We Are

Our company was founded on the vision of becoming the leading human resource outsourcing firm by providing expert advice and offering unprecedented service in order to become the benchmark human resources service provider. From the very start, PRemployer has defined itself through six corporate values:

  • Faith in God
  • Over Delivering
  • Doing the Right Thing
  • Be Self-Aware
  • Be Assertive
  • Be Honest

These core values make up the framework for a company that strives to provide clients with the utmost in customer service and satisfaction.


Letter from the President

Founded in 1999, PRemployer, a PEO originally utilized the administration team and risk management team of Personnel Resources, its sister company, hence the unique name, PRemployer, a derivative of that combination. Simultaneously, a human resources team was formed at inception. The recruiting team of Personnel Resources is called upon from time to time to work with the clients of PRemployer for a dynamic blend of human resource offerings. Based out of Dothan, AL, PRemployer has customers in most Southeastern states and has serviced hundreds of businesses wholeheartedly. We want to help our client partners find the keys to growth whether it is capital, putting the right people in the right places, or removing barriers. We are passionate about seeing how far our client partners can grow.

Today, PRemployer is joined in its mission by Preferred Risk Services. This addition allows the PRcompanies to better respond to our client partner needs. We really like sitting down with our client partners and having serious conversations about growing. Let’s take it the next level together. Verne Harnish, the Growth Guy, says there are FOUR DECISIONS that you must get right to really grow your business and they are PEOPLE, STRATEGY, EXECUTION, and CASH. It is strategically important that you make the right decisions. It is time to focus on growth.

PRemployer will help you get the RIGHT amount of staff, technology, administration, human resources, and risk management on your team at a fraction of employing an entire team of experts. The HR team at the PRemployer can assist in evaluating your current team, implementing performance monitoring or evaluations, and training your management team to improve performance and minimize legal issues. Getting the PEOPLE right takes great effort and we are ready to go to work for you. Additionally, Preferred Risk Services can help you protect your assets by being proactive and planning ahead.

Our Leadership teams are available to meet with you to make strategic decisions. Our entire team of experts in recruiting, insurance, payroll and HR are always working to improve our client partners’ success.

Partner with Experts.

Ben Harrison

Welcome to our Professional Organization

PRemployer provides guidance and leadership in shaping and crafting your human resources and risk management strategies. We process payroll with utmost accuracy and consistency, provide payroll technologies that meet the client’s needs, and offer risk management advice that helps reduce workplace injuries and limit financial liability. Our comprehensive services provide our clients with:

  • Relief from the burden of employee administration
  • Dependable vendor relationship – we care about your business
  • Ability for you to focus on your business and growth
  • Effective employment practices and increased levels of regulatory compliance
  • Risk management strategies that improve workplace safety and reduce workers compensation costs
  • A team of experts and seasoned professionals that can help improve business performance and profitability
Need Help?

Need Help?