Employee Login Page

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Employee Payroll Portal

When you registered for Onboarding, you created a username and password. Using that same login information, you can access the Employee Payroll Portal.  You can reset your password on the login page.

✔️ Access Historical pay information, including pay stubs

✔️ Access W-2

✔️ Update Direct Deposit information

✔️ Update tax withholding

✔️ Update personal information


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Employee WebClock Portal

Our Employee WebClock Portal allows employees to record their worked time, view their personal timecards and request time off. If your company uses this service, you would have been provided a username and temporary password.  You can also reset your password by attempting to login with you username and last known password.  If that fails, you will be prompted to reset your password.  Pay related details are located in the Employee Payroll Portal.


Click Here for Employee WebClock


Some of our Clients use PRuniversity for various training topics for their staff. If your company uses this service, you would have been provided a registration link so you can participate in the training.  Password can be reset on the login.


Click Here for PRuniversity

Slavic 401k

If your company participates in PRemployer’s 401k plan, you can access Slavic’s site by using the login button here.  Password can be reset on the login page.


Slavic 401k

Click Here for Slavic 401k

Need Help?

Need Help?