Montgomery Professional Employer Organization (PEO)

Companies looking to increase employee efficiency and increase profits can do so by outsourcing HR. Local Montgomery businesses needs to be strategic about how they outsource HR and not choose just any HR outsourcing partner. To achieve the highest ROI, partner with a Professional Employer Organization (PEO).


Why do Montgomery companies use PEOs?

Growing companies prefer PEOs for their outsourcing needs for several reasons. Not only do you get HR outsourcing services tailored to your business, but a PEO also provides these services in a cost-effective manner that fits into your budget.

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Save Time

As a small or mid-sized business owner in Montgomery AL, you do it all, including HR. From posting a job to interviewing to managing payroll and benefits, this all falls on your plate. Partnering with a PEO company serving Montgomery, you can shed these duties letting you focus on your core business needs. Saving you this time gives you the support your business needs to grow to the next level.


Save Money

A Professional Employer Organization helps your business save money through a co-employment relationship that allows your PEO to manage payroll, tax remittance, and access more affordable benefits. Co-employment does not mean you lose any ability to run your business the way you see fit. You still keep sole control over hiring, firing, and discipline of your employees. A PEO will also save you money by eliminating your need to hire extra members of your internal HR team. Hiring internal HR professionals is costly and time-consuming. Partnering with a PEO gives you immediate access to their HR experts, who specialize in helping your business with HR duties.


Risk Management

Running a business presents many risks including compliance from federal, state, and local Montgomery laws. Employment law violations are a source of financial pain for small businesses that a PEO servicing Montgomery can help you avoid. Your chosen PEO can also help you keep employees safe through workplace safety programs. This reduces the number of injuries on the job and helps keep your expenses down.


What Services do PEOs offer?

A qualified PEO serving Montgomery will offer your business the exact suite of services you need. This gives you support through HR outsourcing while ensuring you receive a high ROI by only paying for your business needs.



Payroll is a complex area of HR that is ripe for mistakes. Through co-employment, PRemployer can provide your business payroll support and tax remittance services to make sure your employees receive accurate pay and your business pays appropriate taxes.


Benefits Administration

Managing benefits is not only complicated but can also be costly. Finding high-quality and cost-effective benefits to offer your employees presents challenges. Using a PEO for your employee benefits administration, lets you offer better benefits to your employees, giving them what they want without breaking the bank.


Workers' Compensation Insurance

Finding affordable workers' compensation insurance can be difficult, especially when you try to find it on your own. PRemployer can do that legwork for you, finding you the best workers' comp insurance options for you to choose from, saving you the time to source all those options.


Regulatory Compliance Assistance

HR deals with many compliance issues. A PEO can help you manage these issues, including:

  • Workers' compensation claims
  • Unemployment claims
  • Affordable Care Act (ACA) 
  • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  • Employee classification

Your PEO will help with these and many other HR-related compliance needs. Remaining compliant not only keeps your mind clear, it also keeps company assets. Each violation may come with substantial fines from the governing bodies but violations can also make employees weary and begin looking for work elsewhere. Working with a PEO can help you retain your employees by keeping your business compliant.


Work with PRemployer

PRemployer is a local PEO with deep roots in Alabama. Serving clients for over 20 years, PRemployer understands the needs of local Montgomery businesses and how to help them increase profits by taking on HR outsourcing burdens. Staffed by HR experts who cost you a fraction of what a full-time in-house HR professional would, you can rest assured that the advice you receive is accurate and with your company's best interests at heart.

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