Employee Portal

PRemployer offers a secure Employee Portal that contains information related to your payroll, benefits (if applicable), W‐2 and work history.  To take advantage of this free service you must first Register. 


1.  To access the Portal, click on the Employees button on the top of this page.
  1. 2.  If this is your first time accessing the Portal, you will need to register by clicking Register.  Enter the requested information and click Register. 
  2. 3.  Enter the Username and Password you created during Registration.
If you forgot your username or password you can click on the “Forgot Username?” or "Forgot Password? link under the login screen and instructions on how to retrieve it will be emailed to you. 
Once you have set up an account and accessed the Portal you will have access to your personal work data.  In some cases, your account may offer additional options*, however, the following is a list of typical options most employees will have be able to access for viewing or changing information:
  • Payroll Vouchers
  • Benefits Summary*/Confirmations
  • Documentation and Forms – handbooks*
  • Direct Deposit (Add, Remove, Edit)
  • Tax Withholding Status change
  • Address Change
  • Payroll Summary
  • W-2 Reprint

*If your menus do not display any information it may be because you are not participating in the options listed, we are not tracking this information for your company or it is not currently being offered.